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Flights To Zimbabwe £ 349  Virgin Atlantic £ 595   Ethiopian £ 330  
Air france £ 302   Lufthansa £ 360   KLM £ 269  
Ethiopian £ 445              

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Flights To Africa
Nigeria £ 320
Kenya £ 495
Zimbabwe £ 494
Ghana £ 405
South Africa £ 395
Flights To Asia
Thailand £ 399
Malaysia £ 439
China £ 590
India £ 710
Philippines £ 439
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U.A.E £ 199
Turkey £ 265
K.S.A £ 330
Qatar £ 245
Kawait £ 250
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France £ 350
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Norway £ 379
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America £ 365
Canada £ 479
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Costa Rica £ 290
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Brazil £ 365
Argentina £ 479
Colombia £ 590
Peru £ 490
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Jamaica £ 265
Mexico £ 379
Bahamas £4 90
Dominica £ 690
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Australia £ 275
New Zealand £ 231
Fiji £ 365
French Polynesia £ 509


Thank you for taking out your time in visiting the official portal for obtaining cheap flights to Zimbabwe via Air Zimbabwe. Air Zimbabwe is one of the most reliable and practical options for traveling to Zimbabwe. You get to experience the delight of cheap flights to Zimbabwe upon booking your flights with Air Zimbabwe. Air Zimbabwe remains the only option for Zimbabwe travelers from all over the world who seek direct or indirect flights to Zimbabwe. Statistics show that a lot of people around the world from London, Nairobi, Dubai, Pakistan, India, America, etc. love to take direct flights to Harare, Victoria Falls, and vice versa. Zimbabwe is known to be a ‘house of vibrant cities’ – which means that no matter where you get to be in Zimbabwe, it always depict the aura of similar intensity.

Air Zimbabwe – A brief note
With its head quarters located at Harare, Air Zimbabwe’s history goes back to 1st June 1946 when the air line actually formed. The official name ‘Air Zimbabwe” was bestowed upon in February 1980. Before that, it ran its operations with joint venture with some countries and it named Central Africa Air ways which later than was Air Rhodesia Corporation on 1st September 1967 respectively. Now the air line has managed to retain its full authority and is fully government owned private company.
Traveling with Air Zimbabwe is surely the best option to be opted when thinking to travel any where in Zimbabwe. There are misc. reasons behind this notion, but to support its confirmation, Air Zimbabwe is the reliable most when it comes to safety and quality – which is evinced out for the corporate history of the company. And secondly, the client satisfaction rate of Air Zimbabwe is just as high as any other multi-national elite air line.

Fly with Air Zimbabwe
Air Zimbabwe makes it very easy for its clients to book flights to Zimbabwe on line. You are at freedom to choose your schedule from the available list of date and time. But the pertinent advice is to book in advance because the earlier you tend to book, the more you tend to save. The travel experts at the back end are waiting for your call or query to entertain, and we guarantee that you would be satisfied with the reliable service of Air Zimbabwe.

We are retail agent for Air Zimbabwe based in UK. The website should not be considered a representation of the airline, rather a means to promote sales.
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